Introducing a simple physics tutorial site
where practice builds knowledge, skill, and confidence.

  • Specifically designed for first-year physics students
  • Covers conceptual, algebra-based, and trigonometry-based physics
  • Eventually will include active, first-hand learning experiences with experiments
  • Most calculus-based physics content to be launched in 2017

Get help with physics!

Practice Problems

Your physics teacher will mostly assess your knowledge of physics based on your ability to solve math-based problems. For some students, this brings added pressure. Here, you can gain confidence and a better understanding of physics by doing extra problems.

Free E-Book

A few sections are complete. Most will be released throughout the next two years with completion by 2018.

Premium Upgrade

Extra content with detailed solutions for a nominal fee.

Private Tutoring

One-on-One in San Diego or Online Using Skype

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